Accessibility Testing

We provide comprehensive web accessibility auditing to ensure your website and web application is in the best position to be accessible for your users.

Accessibility Testing

A web accessibility assessment doesn’t only tell you what is wrong, but helps you fix the issues with easy to follow code solutions for your website.

Our assessments review your website, app or software against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 (WCAG 2.2).

What's covered in an audit?

You'll receive a comprehensive web accessibility audit report that includes issues that need to be addressed.

Our assessment report provide solutions and recommendations for fixing and correcting the problems identified. Issues are organised according to severity which helps you plan and prioritise which problems need fixing immediately.


The assessment report comes with a PowerPoint presentation which discusses several of the high-level issues and is helpful for senior staff to understand accessibility findings at a glance.

Web accessibility certificate

Certification is an optional inclusion as part of our web accessibility audit. Every certificate is valid for a year and covers the pages which have been tested.

Issue management

If you use an issue management system such as Jira, we can provide our web accessibility audit report issues and recommendations in a .CSV file for bulk importing.

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We have a keen ear for listening. If you have a project you need support with, extra guidance on an accessibility problem or just want to discuss an idea get in touch.

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